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tillandsia funckiana air plant

The T. funckiana is a caulescent air plant species meaning that its leaves grow upwards along its stem instead of branching out. These Tillandsia are found in the wild dwelling on cliffs in the Andes and Venezuela. The funckiana resembles a pine branch, with soft pine needle like leaves. You may see some that grow straight, while others grow in a twisting and turning fashion.

tillandsia funckiana air plant


In the wild, like many other tillandsia, the T. funckiana is pollinated by hummingbirds. When in bud, the leaves towards the tip will blush red and a vibrant tubular red flower will emerge with bright yellow stamens. This is one bloom that you don’t want to miss!

tillandsia funckiana air plant in bloom

The cool thing about the T. funckiana is that they produce many pups along the stem and clump easily. These are beautiful displayed in a hanging cluster that shows off their vibrant blooms.

To care for the T. funckiana make sure that it receives ample sunlight and water once a week. Fertilization with help to promote blooming and pup formation. Soon, you may have a beautiful clump of funckiana plants to hang!

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Megan Richards
Megan Richards

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March 22, 2019

I just received T. funckiana and am looking forward to growth, bloom, and pups.

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