Tillandsia ionantha air plants in white geometric ceramic containers

Air Plants & Corporate or Event Gifts

by Jamie Beck

Over the years we have worked with many large companies and events providing air plants, centerpieces, vertical displays and so much more!  We love collaborating on unique products that are specifically branded for your event or company.  

We have a large selection of plants and gifts that are  perfect for corporate gift giving and events. Whether your company wants to send a thank you to customers at the end of the year, work anniversary gifts for your employees, or give out memorable promo items at your next event, you have come to the right place for fun, unique corporate or promotional gifts!

We have many options available depending on style and budget and we are always excited to work on custom projects. This last holiday season we worked with multiple brands to send end of the year gifts to clients, and employees.  We handled the whole process including multiple branded options, packing individual gift boxes with individual specific care notes, and then drop shipping directly to your recipient.  Whether you are looking to send gifts to 20 employees or 3,000 clients we have the experience, support, and customer focus to make the process smooth and well thought out.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorites ranging from terrariums to boxed gifts that can even be branded with your company’s logo. 

One of our favorite gifts to give and receive are air plant terrariums. They are eye catching and come in a boxed kit with all the essentials including sand, twine, moss, shells, plants, etc. We have a few varieties that are sure to impress any customer.

We even have wholesale air plants packages if you’d like the simplicity of giving a single plants as a gift at a corporate event, for decor at a place setting, or as a thank you to employees for a great year. These packages include a variety of our favorite best sellers straight from the greenhouse.

When it comes to branding you can send us any branded material such as cards or stickers and we can include them when packaging your order. Contact us at info@airplantdesignstudio.com for an initial consultation with one of our specialists.