Air Plants In Bloom

Tillandsia air plants in bloom  

During their life cycle, most air plants will eventually bloom. A good indication of a plant that is starting to bloom is that it's leaves begin to blush red. Some air plants have delicate single blooms, others might have multiple blooms, and some even have large long lasting blooms called inflorescences. Some are slow bloomers, while others bloom pretty soon into their life cycle. The differences in blooms makes the unique world of air plants even more interesting!
Some things to keep in mind when caring for an air plant in bloom are:
    • Continue normal care for your plant, but be careful when watering to not submerge the bloom. Some plants especially larger ones may need additional waterings as energy is pushed towards the bloom/flower.
    • Fertilizing is a good way to get your plant to bloom and produce pups. 
    • Some flowers last for only a day, while others can last much longer up to a week or so.
    • Some types of tillandsia are actually fragrant!  These include straminea, duratii, and several others!
    • Once the bloom has died off, you can snip or remove to help encourage the next phase of growth.
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Enjoy some pictures of blooming air plants!



 blooming air plant

blooming ionantha fuego