Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador Air Plant on a Work Desk

Air Plants At Work: Green Up Your Workspace for Maximum Productivity

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There are a multitude of studies out there that show the benefits of adding plants to your indoor space - from helping to purify the air you breathe, to uplifting your mood.

Air Plants At Work

The presence of plants in the workplace have even been linked to increase productivity! So it's no surprise that employers are catching on to these benefits and adding more green space to the workspace, to support a happy, healthy, and more productive workforce.

Air plants in particular can be a very "workplace friendly" plant for several reasons:

  • No soil required = less mess, and more versatility in display
  • Compact size = easy to display in small spaces or grouped together for a big impact
  • Easy care = indirect light and a water soak every week or so (depending on variety) 

Because of their versatile nature, air plants are workplace favorites. Here are a few ideas for incorporating air plants into your workplace:

1. Spice up the cubicle. Transform even the most sterile of spaces with a sweet little plant or terrarium on your desk. Stressful moment? Gaze at your little green friend and breathe.

Geometric air plant holders

2. Give your employees some love. Show your employees you care about their work and their well-being with an air plant gift to brighten up their space. We have lots of great gift options, and we can also customize a gift to include your logo, branding, and special corporate message if you'd like. 


Tillandsia Xerographica Air Plant-O-Gram


3. Upgrade your aesthetic. Make a big impact with your clients or customers by installing a living wall of air plants. Create a simple but peaceful display of plants in hanging glass globes. Or add some natural warmth to your waiting room with peaceful, easy air plant centerpieces. Just as plants can help soothe and brighten the mood of your employees, so can they help enhance the experience of your visitors. And who doesn't love a happy customer, client or patient?

Air Plant Wall At Evernote: Design Milk

Air plant wall at Evernote offices in Redwood City, CA. Image by Jasper Sanidad via DesignMilk.

4. Make your home office a little greener. Do you work from home? Maximize your productivity and create a stress-free home office sanctuary by adding some air plant love. 

We just love how Abby Guido of Beijos Events styled her home workspace with a heavenly mix of air plants and colorful blooms:

Home Office Design With Air Plants

Air plant in geo home office

Images via Beijos Events. Read the full post here.

Of course there are a couple main things to consider when adding air plants to the workspace.

Light: Make sure your plants get good indirect light. If your cubicle or office is darker, consider keeping some plants at home in a sunnier spot and rotate the ones at your work every week or so to ensure that they get the light they need.

Environment: Offices tend to be over-climate-controlled. If your plants are near an AC or heat source, they may need to be watered more frequently or misted between soaks.

Need help selecting the right air plants for your workspace, or want more information on a custom or bulk order? Contact us!


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    thank you for the great articles they are packed with detailed information. Being a newbie to Tillandsias I was able to gain needed knowledge to better care for each type and to show the unique characteristics of each type. Thank you again.

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