Bulk Gifting, Drop Shipping & Corporate Gifts

Looking for corporate gifts? Let us us help you create a custom tailored gift thats perfect for any occasion.  We have experience working with large corporations and promotional companies on branded gifts, displays, and more.

Please let us know if your are looking for individual gift wrapping, shipping gifts to multiple recipients or a bulk shipment to all one location—we offer competitively priced options for all scenarios and budgets.

Popular Corporate Gifting Options

Gift Boxed Starter Packs

From $15/Recipient

Rustic Hanging Terrariums

From $9/Recipient

Sealife Holders

From $3/Recipient

Hanging Light Bulb Terrariums

From $9/Recipient

Custom Air Plant Assortments

From $12/Recipient

Cholla Wood Holders

From $6/Recipient

Cork Bark DIY Kits

From $9/Recipient

Hanging Teadrop Kit

From $8/Recipient

Large Xerographica

From $12/Recipient

Corporate gifts for
employees or clients!

Sample bulk gifting →

Marketing Options

We now accept any stickers, drop cards, thank you cards and custom tape. If it fits, sticks or ties on—it ships! This is an opportunity to get creative. We even have certain gifts where we can attach personalized messages on the loop of the air plant terrarium, ceramic vase or metal pendant.

• Gifts are customizable to your budget

• Air Plant Care Cards included with every gift

• Your company branding and marketing included in shipments (just send it to us)

More Options In Shipping

•We can use our shipping services or use your own corporate UPS or Fed Ex account to assure they arrive on time

•We back all shipments with our 30-Day Replacement Plant Guarantee

•We provide a simple Excel template to submit your recipient list

•We will schedule your shipment to fit your needs

•Order in advance and we will take care of the fulfillment and shipping so that the plants arrive the freshest possible

Gift wrapping

Impress With Our Handsome Packaging

Sustainable, recycled gift packaging is available for all items on this page and more!

Concierge Service Is Just An Email Away

Looking to order gifts to multiple recipients? Call us at 1-888-631-7611, email us at info@airplantdesignstudio.com or fill out the form below.

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