Blooming Tillandsia Seleriana Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Seleriana

by Jamie Beck


Similar in shape to the T. caput medusae and T. ehlersiana, the Tillandsia seleriana is native to Central America especially throughout southern Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras. The T. seleriana has a large bulbous base. In fact, it has the largest pseudobulb of all air plants. It is characterized by having green leaves that are covered in fuzzy trichomes. These plants can grow to be 8-10 inches tall. 


Tillandsia seleriana air plant

Since these plants grow in such a wide range, there are variants in size and shape of this species found throughout Central America, and there are occasional natural hybrids that can be found as well. 


Tillandsia seleriana air plant growing in the wild on a tree

T. seleriana air plants growing on a tree in the wild


The T. seleriana can often be found growing on the sides of trees in pine and oak forests. 

Tillandsia seleriana air plant in bloom


When in bloom these funky plants will blush purple and produce a stiff bloom spike that emits several bloom bracts that will bloom purple flowers. 

The T. seleriana prefers misting and dunking as watering methods as opposed to soaking due to its bulbous base. When watering, take care to shake out any excess water from its leaves as water left amongst its bulbous base can cause your plant to rot! 

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