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Tillandsia flexuosa southern range air plant


One of the easier Tillandsia species to grow, the T. flexuosa grows naturally from Florida, throughout the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and into northern South America. The T. flexuosa southern range hails from the southern range in Colombia. A common name for the T. flexuosa is the “twisted air plant” 



Tillandsia flexuosa southern range air plant

The T. flexuosa southern range is characterized by stiff dark green leaves with dark banding/stripes that become more prominent as it matures. It got the name “flexuosa” because its thick succulent leaves twist and flex as it grows upwards. It leaves have good succulent ability and can store quite a bit of water for periods of drought. 


Tillandsia flexuosa southern range air plant



One of the most amazing things about the T. flexuosa is the size of its inflorescence. When it blooms, it emits a long slender inflorescence that can grow to be quite long, up to a few feet long depending on the size of the plant! When the inflorescence blooms, it produces magenta colored flowers. 


Tillandsia flexuosa air plant flowers


If that isn’t amazing enough, the T. flexuosa is considered viviparous, which means that its pups/offsets grow from its inflorescence! It may produce multiple pups on the inflorescence in addition to pups from the base of the mother plant. 


Tillandsia flexuosa air plant pup

This T. flexuosa is growing a pup from its inflorescence. 

The T. flexuosa southern range prefers bright indirect sunlight and water at least once a week. Shake out any excess water from its leaves, and allow to dry completely before putting it back in its place.


Do you have a Tillandsia flexuosa in your collection? Has it bloomed? 

Megan Richards
Megan Richards

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Joyce Sullivan Fuller
Joyce Sullivan Fuller

February 24, 2020

I have several but they are small. I did get a pup.

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