Tillandsia Air Plants Table Settings

Galentine's Day: A Stylish Dessert Party with Air Plants

by Jamie Beck

Galetines Day Dessert Party With Air Plants

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be the sappy romantic holiday of the Hallmark variety. It can simply be a great excuse to get together with some friends and show how much you love and appreciate them! Whether you have a significant other in your life or not, why not invite some of your best friends over for a fun "Galentine's Day" dessert party with a table scape adorned with air plants! Gather your favorite gals, drinks and sweets, and set an elegant yet effortless table with some sparkly plates and air plant accents. 
Tillandsia Air Plants Table Settings
We teamed up with our friends at Wish Farms (the most delicious Florida Strawberries) to create this sweet spread. Here we've compiled some tips to throw your own elegant, effortless Galentine's Day dessert party:
The Decor
We know we are quite biased towards using air plants in decor, but they are the perfect plant to decorate with! No messes to clean up, and since there are so many varieties with unique shapes and sizes, it is easy to find plants to fit into your aesthetic! Plus, unlike cut flowers, air plants don't have an immediate "expiration date" and can be used throughout your own (or even gifted to your lucky guests) after the party is over.
We collaborated with Wish Farms to create a stunning tablescape with pops of gold, red, and green that is perfect for Galentine's Day without being too over the top.
  • Create an easy garland or centerpiece by arranging larger air plants like the xerographica with smaller air plants around them 
  • Accent dessert or cheese platters with an air plant or two.
Tillandsia Air Plants Table Settings
The Food
Strawberries and Valentine’s (Galentine’s) Day go hand in hand, and take center stage at our dessert party. What else? 
Set up a chocolate fondue party and get some pre-made angel food cake, and cut fruit and berries to dip away.
Tillandsia Air Plants Table Settings
  • Serve up some wine, champagne or Prosecco (and grab a sparkling cider for your friend who doesn't drink).
Tillandsia Air Plants Table Settings and a Plate of Strawberries
  • Bring out the bread and spreads because who doesn’t love carbs? Place little jars of jam, nutella, butter, and of course cheese around the table.
A Baguette and Cheese Plate
The Gifts 
Feeling generous? Send your guests home with an extra token of your love. One of our most popular gifts around this time of year is our Sea Urchin Air Plant Plant O Gram! It’s small in size, but we are sure that you friends will love it! Nestled inside a kraft gift box you will find either a natural pink or painted red sea urchin shell with a small T. ionantha inside. I don’t know about you but I think I would rather receive a plant that will stay alive rather than flowers that die a few days after Valentine’s Day!
Pink Urchin with Tillandsia Air Plant, Plant-O-Gram Gift
Or give the gift of a mini air plant terrarium, a gift that your galentine will love!
Mini Flat Bottom Glass Globe Terrarium with Tillandsia Air Plant and White Sand

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