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Maybe I’ve been spending too much time on Pinterest lately, but I definitely feel like I’ve been bit by the decorating bug as of late.   I’m a bit of a sucker for the unexpected when it comes to home décor, and nothing quite pleases me more than finding a purpose for an object that wasn’t necessarily its intended purpose, but is just seriously perfect for the new project or display.

We’ve been playing with some new air plant terrarium possibilities in our design studio, and of course we couldn’t resist doing a few mason jar terrariums.  They are pretty, and rustic, and vintage, and beachy all at once.

Earlier this week one of our customers and facebook fans posted a photo of some of our plants perfectly arranged in a martini glass.  Cocktails and air plants?  Yes please!

But my favorite new and “unexpected” terrarium?  The Light Bulb Air Plant terrarium, hands down.  I mean, how cool is this?  An up-cycled light bulb housing an arrangement of tiny plants.  It’s “green” while being actually green.  It’s a bit industrial and funky and fun and just a tad odd.   

We’ve had these in our house for a couple weeks now and literally everyone that has come by has made a comment about how stinkin’ cool they are.

While I seriously despise the term “conversation piece,” I have to admit that there is something satisfying about having items in your house that visitors are genuinely interested in. Yes, you know what I’m talking about, you can admit it too.  Those things you love about your home décor become even more loveable when your neighbor/friend/mother-in-law/dog sitter tells you “Woah! That thing is awesome!”

We do get the question quite often about how difficult it is to get the plants in and out of the light bulb for watering.  Really, it’s not that difficult, although I have little fingers so I may be at a bit of an advantage in that respect.  I have found it helpful to get a longer pair of tweezers to help you situate the plants and arrange things just right once you get them inside the bulb.  It takes a little patience, but it’s oh-so-worth-it once you get your terrarium all set up and perfect.

What do you think of the new light bulb terrariums? Can you think of any other unexpected or recycled item we should turn into a fun terrarium?
Meriel Lesseig
Meriel Lesseig

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Terrarium Crafts
Terrarium Crafts

October 08, 2017

Thank you! I am just starting out making terrariums and googled air plants to learn more :) jotted it all down in my little book, thank you!


September 10, 2013

Cool looking and simple. Now improve on it.

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