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Since expanding our wholesale air plant selection, it’s been so fun to see how event planners, floral designers and other creative vendors use Tillandsia to enhance their events. Air plants offer the perfect mix of heartiness and unique, striking beauty which make them easy to incorporate into displays, living art, or even as gifts or favors.

Here are some of our favorite ideas for adding some fun to your business or corporate event with air plants:


Air Plants As Event Favors or Holiday Gifts

Do you really know anyone who has left a conference saying “wow, what an amazing pen they gave me”? I don’t. I would however post all sorts of social media love about an event that gifted me a little air plant terrarium or at my place setting. Or how about a sea urchin shell + Tillandsia for an easy-to-gift unique statement:


We recently had a wholesale order from a corporate event planner who wanted to gift everyone at the event one of our T-Rex air plant kits. How cool is that company? And I can guarantee you that creative event planner is going to be used again!

Want something personalized for your corporate event? We can totally do a customized air plant gift that speaks to your brand, theme, or vision.


Corporate Art Installations

Have you ever walked into an office building that was so beautifully designed that it immediately elevated your impression of the company? I’ve been in maybe two where I was really struck by the “wow” factor, and it certainly helped the overall first impression. Air plants not only bring some life into your corporate space, but they can truly be displayed as “living art” and help set your business space apart as innovative and creative.

Check out this ridiculously amazing air plant/fountain installation by the super talented Air Plant Man, featured on Design Milk. How much would you love to work in a place that featured this beauty?!

 Photo and Design by Josh Rosen "AirPlantMan", Via


Air Plants to Set The Mood

From hotels and restaurants, to boutiques, to hair salons, the ambiance of a space can really influence a visitor’s experience. Tillandsia can be used in so many different ways to bring a fresh yet inviting natural element to your business.

I just love this installation that the incredible Flora Grubb did for the Bardenssono Hotel, featured on Apartment Therapy:

Photo by Kevin Smith, Via Tillandsia Wall by Flora Grubb, Kevin Smith and Seth Boor

Are you an event designer? Do you specialize in corporate art installations or commercial decorating? How would you incorporate air plants into your design?

For more information on buying air plants in bulk, wholesale pricing, and custom orders, contact us. We’d love to help you enhance your design with Tillandsia!

Meriel Read
Meriel Read

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