Ionantha Fuego Air Plant Trio Pack

Current Ionantha fuego air plants are smaller and around 2 inches.  They are mostly green with some red and starting to blush.  These plants will need very bright light to continue to blush red and maintain color.  Main photo shows a more mature plant, as they tend to grow taller and more slender over time.  Smaller plants tend to be wider and shorter.

The Tillandsia ionantha fuego is a such a colorful and fun little air plant.  This type of ionantha is native to Mexico and areas of Central America, where it grows with abundance and color.  The ionantha fuego is a very low maintenance air plant, making it perfect for "green thumb" challenged individuals!  This variety of Tillandsia is known for being a quick grower, and as it matures will create many "pups" which will eventually clump into a ball like formation.  During the bloom cycle this variety will change to shades of amazing deep reds eventually shooting out white, purple, and blue flowers!

The small size of this variety of ionantha lends it to endless design possibilities.  We offer several different air plant kits using the ionantha fuego variety, which can be found HERE!

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