Tillandsia Air Plants as a Head Wreath on a Bride

Air Plant Weddings: Air Plant Hair Accents

by Jamie Beck
air plant hair accents
Floral crowns are pretty, but what about air plant floral crowns? They add a unique texture to your hair for your wedding and you can use them in your home decor long after your wedding day is over. A win-win in our book.
Tucking some air plants into your up-do for your wedding day is a quick way to add some character to your hair!  (Similar plants: Top: harrisii, capitata Bottom: fuchsii v gracilis, andreana
Tillandsia Air Plants Clipped into a Bride's Hair
Tillandsia Air Plants Tucked into a Braid Up-Do
Styling: BEIJOS 
This little floral hair comb has a few ionantha air plants nestled amongst the flowers and greenery.
Tillandsia Air Plants Clipped into a Bride's Hair
Photography: Loft Photography 
Florals: Gypsy Floral
This flower girl has a beautiful hair piece with thistles, protea, greenery, and an air plant. ( Similar: harrisii, capitata) 
Tillandsia Air Plants Clipped into a Flower Girl's Hair
Photographer: Abi Q Photography  

 An absolutely stunning floral crown combines bright orange florals and various sizes of air plants. ( Similar: aeranthos, stricta, vriesea espinosae

Tillandsia Air Plants Clipped into a Bride's Hair
Photography: Kurt Boomer  
 Ionantha plants lend well to floral crowns because of their petite size and they look great amongst berries, florals, and greenery.  
Tillandsia Air Plants Clipped into a Bride's Hair
Photography: Koman Photography  
  A single xerographica sure makes a statement in this lovely bride's hair! 
xerographica air plant in hair
Photo: Aaron Snow 

  Ionantha plants and tectorum ecuador are nestled into this neat mohawk inspired wedding up-do! 

Tillandsia Air Plants Clipped into a Bride's Hair
Hair Styling: Roxie Jane Hunt 
 Bright orange berries and air plants make a stunning floral crown for this bride!
( Similar plants: diaguitensis, paleacea
Tillandsia Hair Plant Hair Wreath

Photography: Julia Winkler Photography 
Floral Design: Fleur le Cordeur


 This mostly green floral crown is so beautiful with its succulents, ionantha air plant, and other greenery! 
Tillandsia Air Plants Hair Wreath 


Are you thinking about making an air plant hair piece for your big day? We have numerous air plant kits such as the large kit  or ionantha mix that have an assortment of plants that would be perfect for crown making.  Have questions? Email us! info@airplantdesignstudio.com