Vriesea Espinosae Air Plant

Tillandsia vriesea espinosae air plant

Vriesea Espinosae Air Plant

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The Tillandsia vriesea espinosae air plant is a rare air plant that produces offset by sending out long runners called stolons. Air plant pups will then form on the end of the offshoot (stolon), and over time and generations of air plants, the Tillandsia vriesea espinosae will form a unique constellation-like clump. 

When in bloom, the vriesea espinosae emits a beautiful red bloom spike. 

Our current stock of Tillandsia vriesea espinosae air plants are smaller as shown in the photo.

Add one of these unique air plants to your Tillandsia colleciton today!

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Upon receiving your air plants, soak in water for 20 - 30 minutes. Then shake off excess water and dry upside down until completely dry. Water plants once or twice a week with misting between as needed. Never leave air plants sit in water for more than an hour – they will rot!

Air plants require bright, indirect light which can be sunlight or consistent indoor lighting.

Good air circulation is important for your air plants! Do not place your air plants in soil.

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