Fuchsii v Gracilis Air Plant

This wispy little Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis is one of the more unique looking air plants. The Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis air plant has a small and compact base, with an army of slender "tentacles" that extend out in every direction. These guys are definitely something you don't see everyday, and are perfect for home or office design.  As this air plant variety matures, it will release a long and slender bloom straight out of the middle that will release a flower from the tip!  If you are looking for some unique air plants to design with, the T. fuchsii is it!

This air plant will want lots of good air flow and can be more sensitive to environmental changes (heat and cold) due to its thin leaves. If you notice that its leaves are becoming dry, try misting it a few times a week in between waterings. 

Add a Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis air plant to your collection today!

  • Bright to moderate indirect light
  • Water 2-3 times a week depending on        environment and species
  • Good air circulation
  • Temperatures between 50F-95F

For more in depth care instructions for air plants, please check out our air plant care page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
So delicate

Very cute plant. Nice size and healthy. Thank you

Hi Carla!

Thank you for your order, we are so happy that you like your plant!

Love ❤️ But my last two died.

These are my favorite. I had bought one, then purchased two more. Not sure if the last two had a tough journey, but they did not live more than two weeks before they started withering. Sadly, they are no more.

Hi there,

Thank you for the review! The T. fucshii can be a little tricky due to their wispy leaves, they can dry out easily. We usually recommend misting in between waterings. It is possible that they might have had trouble acclimating after the trip in their shipping box. We do have a 30 day air plant guarantee & we will replace any damaged or plants that died. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I love the versatility of this plant. Once a week, I rearrange mine. Sometimes it lives in the kitchen in a rock garden and this one really makes it feel like a high desert, and sometimes I let it live stand alone (like here) since it's so unique. For as soft as it is, it came packaged perfectly and is stunning!

Thank you so much four your review and for sharing the photos of how you decorate with your air plants! We love it! We truly appreciate your business :)

Fragile Beauty

This tiny treasure is truly a remarkable edition to my collection, it seems so fragile and innocent, it looks beautiful mounted to my ashy piece of petrified wood, creating a statement display for any home, by far one of my favorite plants.

Hi Stephanie,

The fuchsii v gracilis is one of our favorites too! Be sure to watch this one closely, it might need to be misted in between waterings due to the thinness of its leaves!


Love the shape of this plant and was very healthy when I received it

We are so glad that you like your plants! Thanks so much for the great reviews :)