Tillandsia Argentea Thin Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Fuchsii v gracilis

by Jamie Beck


Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis air plant

Tillandsia Argentea Thin 'fuchsii v gracilis' looks like it has a case of bed-head. Hailing from Mexico and Guatemala it has filiform (thready) leaf blades that extend out from a round base. It's leaves are light sage green in color and have ample trichomes. 

Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis air plant

It has very symmetrical leaves and can clump and grow into a sphere over time.
Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis air plant
Due to their very thin leaves, be sure that your T. fuchsii v gracilis receives adequate water. If you notice that it looks dry in between waterings, you can lightly mist their leaves. 


Tillandsia fuchsii air plant

When in bloom, the Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis emits a long slender bloom spike that will turn from green to red when in bloom. It blooms flowers that are red and purple. 


Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis bloom tract

These plants lend well to use in terrariums, placed in a bowl with rocks, crystals, or other air plants, or even just sitting on a shelf. 
Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis air plant

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