Tillandsia andreana air plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Andreana

by Jamie Beck

Found growing on cliffs and rocks in Colombia, South America, the Tillandsia andreana has wispy bright green leaves and a round rosette shape. A rather rare plant, it will grow into quite an impressive clump over time. 

Tillandsia andreana air plant

You might notice that the T. andreana’s leaves are similar in shape and color to the T. funckiana. These two plants also share a very similar beautiful tubular red bloom. In fact, we just received a hybrid of the T. funckiana and the T. andreana that is pretty cool! 


Tillandsia andreana air plant  in bloom

Tillandsia andreana in bloom 

Since these guys have wispy leaves like that of the T. fuchsii v gracilis, make sure that they are getting enough water. You might need to mist your T. andreana plant in between waterings to make sure that it is getting adequate hydration. And when given a good amount of sunlight, their leaves can blush red which also is a good indication that your T. andreana will soon bloom. These fun plants look amazing in terrariums, and work well in home decorating to add a unique texture to a shelf or bookcase. 

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