Tillandsia Ionantha Rubra Air Plant Clump

Air Plant Blooms

by Jamie Beck

Tillandsia air plant blooms


In the past, we have written articles all about air plant blooms and what to do after the bloom. Today we are going to take a look at the different types of air plant blooms. Blooms can range in color from bright red, to fuchsia, purple, and magenta. Some plants have pure white blooms, while others have delicate pink blooms. Some are even scented. 

 So let's dive in. There are a few main types of blooms, inflorescences, single stem-like blooms, and plants that have multiple blooms that bloom directly from their center. 


An inflorescence is a stiff “stem” that some plants emit during blooming and a group or cluster of flowers bloom from flower bracts that grow from this main stem. In the air plant world, the  xerographica, concolor, and fasciculata tropiflora all have pretty impressive long lasting inflorescences. After a plant with an inflorescence blooms, you can either leave it or cut it off to promote pup formation. 


Tillandsia streptophylla air plant


Tillandsia air plant blooms

Single "Stem" Blooms 

Other plants have a single flower that comes from the middle of the plant on a short “stem.” Plants with these kind of blooms are the stricta, houston, aeranthos, capitata, and harrisii.


Tillandsia tenuifolia air plant


Blooming Tillandsia air plants

Multiple Blooms 

You might also notice that your air plant has multiple blooms such as those of the Tillandsia ionantha, brachycaulos, and neglecta among others. These plants can have multiple blooms that shoot out from their center and bloom all at once. As you can see, it is a stunning sight to see when they all bloom at once! 


Tillandsia ionantha rubra in bloom





Blooming Tillandsia air plants

As you can see the world of Tillandsia blooms is fascinating. The best part is even when you think you've seen it all, these little guys can surprise you with the most amazing blooms.  

Tillandsia air plants in bloom

Don't want to wait for the air plant life cycle to see air plants in bloom? Depending on what we have in stock, take a look at our Blooming Air Plant Kit and get some air plant blooms sent straight to your door!