Tillandsia Vernicosa Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Vernicosa Air Plant

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Tillandsia vernicosa air plant


The Tillandsia Vernicosa species is commonly found in Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay. The name “vernicosa” means “polished” which refers to its floral bracts. The Tillandsia vernicosa is a medium sized plant that can grow up to 10-12 inches in diameter. In the wild you might see stunning clumps of vernicosa growing up in trees. 


Tillandsia vernicosa air plant


Tillandsia Vernicosa plants are generally dark green to grey and will blush different shades of purple depending on how much light that they receive. These plants will emit an inflorescence that produces bright orange, yellow, and red bracts which emit delicate white flowers while in bloom. The colorful inflorescence can last for months and can be cut off to promote pup formation if preferred. 


Tillandsia vernicosa air plant bloom

Vernicosa plants easily create offsets/pups and will grow into an impressive clump if left to grow. 

Since these plants have stiff dry leaves, they could be considered xeric, which means that they can withstand more light and less water. 

Tillandsia vernicosa air plant


These plants lend well to use in home decor due to their impressive blooms and larger size. These can even be mounted in tree branches outside where they will thrive (if you live in a warmer climate).


Tillandsia vernicosa air plant



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  • Boe

    I believe my air plant is a Tillandsia vernicosa and I’ve had it about 5yrs now however it never did very well as far as growing any bigger except last summer when I decided to see how it would do at the base just to the side and snug (touching) again my beautiful spider plant! Can I just say that they love each other? No joke,they both are thriving and keep in mind I live in Maine! I can’t wait to see another summer with them outside again on my porch!Maybe I’ll get a flower this year! I wanted to share a pic of them together,couldn’t figure it out. Its something to see especially up close you can see how the air plant has worked its self in the space provided by the kind not pushy spider!

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