Assorted Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plants

Tillandsia Spotlight: Ionantha Air Plant Variety

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The Ionantha air plant is one of the more striking and sought after tillandsia varieties available. They have become so popular the past several years that all cultivators of tillandsias have focused great efforts in producing this variety of air plant. One of the most desirable aspects of the Ionantha air plant is that it is a very hearty plant, that will require minimal attention compared to some other varieties of air plants. While they are a hearty plant, they still do require some attention with regular misting and soakings. The Ionantha varieties love sunlight, so they should also be kept in an area that gets adequate light throughout the day(east/west facing windows are best). We recommend soaking the plant once or twice a week depending on the environment and regular misting as needed.  And don't forget, always water your air plants in the morning and make sure to shake off any excess water before setting them out to dry!  Check out the air plant care page for more info.

3 Pink Urchins with Tillandsia Ionantha Fuego Air Plants

The Tillandsia Ionantha is originally native to Mexico, Costa Rica, and certain areas of South America. It likes warmer, humid conditions but will do just fine in a dryer environment with regular misting. There have been a large amount of Ionantha clones, hybrids, and cultivars created all with their own unique characteristics. Common Ionantha varieties include: Ionantha, Ionantha Guatemala, Ionantha Mexican, Ionantha Rubra, Ionantha Fuego, Ionantha Peanut, Ionantha Victoriana, Ionantha Rosita, and many more!


Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant

The Ionantha variety starts off life as a small plant with green and silver-hued leaves. As the plant grows and matures, the leaves begin to extend outward, while turning to a deeper shade of green. Once the Ionantha begins to start its bloom cycle, the leaves start to transition to beautiful red/pink colors that really make this variety stand out. The plant continues into its bloom transformation, until it eventually shoots out a unique and striking flower. Most of the Ionantha tillandsia varieties emit blue/purple shoot with yellow or white flowers on the top. The bloom of an Ionantha is very striking, and a definite highlight to the experience of owning this plant.

The visual appearance of the Ionantha variety makes it a favorite for use in air plant design. The striking contrast of the deep green/silver leaves with the bright red bloom cycle really enhances any space they inhabit. From single air plant displays to elaborate hanging terrariums, the Ionantha air plant is a must-have for any tillandsia enthusiasts!

Tillandsia Ionantha Scaposa Air Plants



  • Sheree

    Once an ionantha blooms and the bloom begins to dry out, when and how do you recommend removing the bloom?

  • Natasha

    Fantastic read, you answered all my questions, I just adopted two of the Ionantha Rubra to go in a hanging terrarium.

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