Tillandsia Houston Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Houston "Cotton Candy"

by Jamie Beck


An incredible cross between a T.stricta x T.recurvifolia, the Tillandsia houston is a beautiful plant! The best features of both of the parent plants are displayed in the T. houston. It gets its fast growing rosette shape from the T. stricta, and its lovely silver color from the T. recurvifolia. 

The T. houston was hybridized by Mark Dimmitt, an avid botanist, who is known for his many Tillandsia hybrids that he grows at his greenhouse in the Sonora Desert in Tucson. 


Tillandsia houston air plant in bloom


The Tillandsia houston has soft leaves that are silvery in color with purple accents when in bloom. And let's talk about those blooms! These guys emit beautiful cotton candy colored blooms with delicate white flowers. 


Tillandsia houston air plants in bloom


Houston air plants can grow to be quite large, and if left to grow after propagation, they can grow into pretty impressive clumps. These plants lend well to use in decorating due to their unique color, impressive blooms, and shape. 


Tillandsia houston enano air plant


The T. houston enano is a compact, miniature cultivar of the T. houston, and readily forms clumps! 


Tillandsia houston air plant


Make sure that your T. houston receives ample bright filtered sunlight, and waterings at least once a week. If your T. houston is blooming, when watering, take care to not get the bloom wet.

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