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The Tillandsia paleacea air plant is one of the more drought-tolerant air plants due to its abundance of trichomes, making it a great Tillandsia for those in drier climates. If you live in a climate with more humidity, you will need to water the Tillandsia paleacea infrequently as it will absorb moisture through the air. 

It is important not to over-water these air plants as they can be prone to rot if left in moisture for too long. We recommend dunking or spraying the Tillandsia palacea with water instead of soaking them like many air plants. These air plants will also want plenty of good air flow and bright indirect sunlight.

When in bloom, the fuzzy T. paleacea will omit a violet flower. These are prolific clumping air plants and will produce offsets at its base.

We currently have Tillandsia paleacea available as single air plants or in small clumps.

  • Bright to moderate indirect light
  • Water 2-3 times a week depending on        environment and species
  • Good air circulation
  • Temperatures between 50F-95F

For more in depth care instructions for air plants, please check out our air plant care page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I'll be returning to buy from Air Plant Design Studio. I bought six plants all togehter (paleacea, vernicosa, balbisiana, duratii, streptophylla, & schiedeana). They arrived healthy, hydrated, and undamaged. They continue to thrive and grow.

Hi Neal!

Thank you so much for the great review! We are glad that you are happy with your plants! :)

Paleaceas ... A Great Spine for a Sculpture

Paleaceas were still a favorite plant of mine before I started sculpting. Their fuzziness is a joy to feel. They are so easy to grow and place in and out of the house. They just like sun & water. What I like to do with them is use them as spines for insect sculptures. As long as I use light-weight plants, woven in by hand, and watch for strain on the Paleacea, I'm good. It is a real workhorse for my Air Plant House, and I always smile when I see them. The APDS has excellent plants, and sometimes a strange shape comes that even surprises me! As with the Selerianas, no two look alike. That's a lot of fun to play with! I appreciate being able to get these plants, such good ones, and interesting to boot.

Hi Debby!
We are so happy that you like your paleacea air plants, they are a favorite of ours too!