Tillandsia Air Plants Attached to Name Place Cards

Air Plant Weddings: The Rustic Wedding

by Jamie Beck

If you type in “rustic weddings” into Google or Pinterest, you are sure to get quite a few results. The rustic wedding trend has been very popular in the last few years. What makes rustic weddings great is that you can tailor the decor to your personal tastes, and what better way to do that than the addition of air plants? 

Whether your wedding is being held in a barn, church, or other venue, air plants can add that natural rustic touch to the festivities. Air plants can add visual interest and natural textures to your head table, bar carts or tables, and guest tables. Incorporate them into the centerpiece design or scatter them randomly around your venue. You can find xerographica plants and air plant kits on our website that can help you get started.

rustic wedding air plant decor

 Photo: L- SMP  Center- SMP  R- Ruffled Blog 

The bouquet is an important part of the wedding day, and air plants can make your bouquet that much more special! As you can see from the photos below, the elegant xerographica air plant helps create a stunning bouquet, and one that you can continue to grow and display after your wedding day!  

rustic air plant wedding bouquets

Photo: L- Tony Wodarck Photography  R- The Happy Bloom

 Air plants lend well to use in boutonnieres due to their compact size and versatility. Below the floral designers created beautiful greenery rich boutonnieres and used an ionantha  air plant in the photo on the left, and a small streptophylla plant in the photo on the right. These add the perfect rustic touch to the Groom's lapel.

Rustic Tillandsia air plant boutonniere   Photo: L - Vave Studios   R- Love N Fresh Flowers 

Air plants aren't just relegated to boutonnieres and bouquets. Use them in unusual ways around your venue, like a greenery swag adorned with large xerographica  plants or air plant terrariums placed around your reception space. Since air plants don't require soil, your can place them virtually anywhere for your wedding decor. 

Tillandsia air plant rustic wedding decor
Photo: L- 100 Layer Cake   R- Style Me Pretty 

If you've been following along with our Air Plant Weddings blog series, you might have seen our post about using air plants to decorate cakes. We are obsessed with how the simple addition of a plant changes a cake! Air plants definitely add interesting texture to cakes and dessert tables, something that is unexpected and unique.  rustic Tillandsia air plant wedding decor

Photos: L- Style Me Pretty   Center- Harvest Moon Events  R- June Bug Weddings 


Greet your guests at the door or their seat for the night with neat air plant favors and place settings. Due to their compact size, the ionantha  plant is a perfect place for air plant favors, and can easily be used in terrariums, on their own, or in other holders. 

rustic tillandsia air plant favors Photo: L- Amy Osaba R- Ruffled Blog 



Are you planning a rustic wedding? Do you want to add air plants to your decor? We can help! Reach out to us at info@airplantdesignstudio.com for more info on wholesale air plants for your wedding!