Tillandsia Tenuifolia Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Tenuifolia

by Jamie Beck

Tillandsia tenuifolia air plant

Originally hailing from the Caribbean and down through Argentina,  the Tillandsia tenuifolia, commonly known as the “narrowleaf air plant, ” looks  similar to a tiny spiky evergreen bush. Hence the name, “Emerald Forest" a commonly found form of tenuifolia. The tenuifolia has beautiful green leaves that are stiff but grow in a natural curve. Depending on light conditions, tenuifolia air plants may be bright green, if kept in an area of high light, or dark green, if kept in lower light. Their leaves will blush a deep violet over time as they begin to bloom, and eventually will emit a beautiful almost neon pink flower. 

Tillandsia tenuifolia air plant

When left to grow naturally outside, the tenuifolia will attract bees, butterflies, and even birds. These little guys also grow offsets quickly and form into beautiful air plant clumps over time. 

Tillandsia tenuifolia air plant

These air plants are perfect for terrariums and are a favorite for use in wedding favors, bouquets, and boutonnieres. 
Tillandsia tenuifolia boutonnieres
The T. tenuifolia is beautiful alongside dried lavender, natural moss, and silver brunia and eucalyptus. 
Take care when watering to shake the water from amongst their leaves, as water trapped inside can cause your pretty tenuifolia to rot. Also, make sure that they get adequate natural light so they can grow, bloom, and produce offsets.

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