Tillandsia Streptophylla Hybrid Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Streptophylla Hybrid (T. Eric Knobloch) Air Plant

by Jamie Beck

The T. Eric Knobloch is a special hybrid between the Streptophylla x Brachycaulos air plants, and was created in the 1960’s by an avid air plant collector and grower from New Orleans.


Tillandsia streptophylla hybrid air plants

One of the most sought after hybrid Tillandsia, this beautiful plant is bright green with wide curling leaves. As with many hybrid varieties of air plants, The T. Eric Knobloch will grow to be larger than either of its parent plants. 

Tillandsia Streptophylla Hybrid Air Plant

 Over time as the plant matures, the leaves will blush a beautiful rose color and the leaves will curl even more creating a round funky shape. When blooming, it displays a vibrant purple flower. 


Tillandsia streptophylla hybrid in bloom



This combination of two easy to care for plants, the T. brachycaulos and T. streptophylla, makes the T. Eric Knobloch popular for use in terrariums and home decor. Due to its interesting shape, it also does well mounted to a piece of wood or bark. 

Tillandsia streptophylla hybrid air plants

Caring for your Streptophylla hybrid is easy. This is a mesic variety of plant, so make sure that it gets ample filtered light, and water once a week. Take care to shake out any excess water from the leaves of this plant, if left in the leaves, it can cause rot.


Tillandsia streptophylla hybrid air plant care instructions

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