Tillandsia Shiedeana Air Plant Clump

Tillandsia Spotlight: Schiedeana Air Plant

by Jamie Beck

Tillandsia schiedeana air plant

The Tillandsia schiedeana is native to Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Venezuela, and Colombia. It is considered a saxicolous species which means that it grows amongst rocks and cacti. It can be found on the steep dry slopes of semi arid regions at elevations from 0 to 1750 meters above sea level. This plant has abundant trichomes and can withstand higher temperatures, more sun, and less water than most air plants.

Tillandsia schiedeana air plant

Named after the botanist Christian Julius Wilhelm Schiede, it has velvety soft green/purple leaves that are long and thin and intertwine to eventually form an impressive clump. When in bloom, they have a cherry red flower spike with yellow flowers.

Tillandsia schiedeana air plant in bloom

The tillandsia schiedeana prefers a bright sunny environment and frequent waterings. Make sure to water at least once a week. Since the T. schiedeana readily forms clumps, it looks great mounted to a piece of cork bark or driftwood, or even hanging, where it can form a ball.

Tillandsia schiedeana air plant


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