Tillandsia Rectifolia Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Rectifolia Air Plant

by Jamie Beck


Tillandsia rectifolia air plant

Native to Costa Rica and Mexico, the Tillandsia rectifolia is a natural hybrid of the T. schiedeana and the T. ionantha. It is considered an "introgressive hybrid," which means that it grew as a natural hybrid and it became so numerous in its native habitat that is is now its own species. 

Tillandsia rectifolia air plant

The T. rectifolia has bright green leaves that are soft and fuzzy like that of its parent plants, T. ionantha, and T. shiedeana. Thanks to its parentage, it will blush red when in bloom, just like T. ionantha.

Tillandsia rectifolia air plant

Speaking of blooms, this plant is one of just a few Tillandsias that have bicolored flowers! Their blooms are white and violet. The T. rectifolia easily forms pups after blooming. 

Tillandsia rectifolia air plant

These plants prefer bright indirect light and adequate waterings at least once a week. 


Tillandsia rectifolia care instructions





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