Tillandsia Pruinosa Air Plant with Pink Bud and Purple Flower

Tillandsia Spotlight: Pruinosa Air Plant

by Jamie Beck


Tillandsia pruinosa air plant

With its velvety twisting leaves and stunning bright pink blooms, the T. pruinosa is one plant that you will want to have in your collection.
This beautiful little species looks similar to the caput medusae with a bulbous bottom and twisting leaves but its leaves are less stiff and its trichomes are more pronounced. In fact, the name “pruinosa” comes from the Latin word for “frosty.” 


Tillandsia pruinosa air plant

These fuzzy little guys are found growing wild in areas such as Florida, Central America and South America. In Florida, the pruinosa is considered an endangered plant in the wild due to insect damage, illegal collecting, and habitat destruction. 

This variety of air plant prefers good air circulation and partial shade. Its trichomes help shield the plant from the sun. The pruinosa ranges in colors from green, purple, to a dark grey.  In anticipation of blooming, the bulb of the pruinosa blushes a vibrant pink and then emits delicate purple flowers. 


Tillandsia pruinosa air plant in bloom



Tillandsia pruinosa air plant care instructions

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