Tillandsia Neglecta Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: T. neglecta

by Jamie Beck

Similar in shape to the T. tenuifolia, and one of the rarer Tillandsia varieties, the T. neglecta is a plant that any air plant collector will want in their plant collection. It is characterized by dark green leaves that are thicker and more succulent than other Tillandsia species. 


Tillandsia neglecta air plant

The T. neglecta is a saxicolous plant that hails from Brazil where it grows amongst rocks and in dry forests. It is a slow grower, and is considered a caulescent species, since it grows along a stem.

Delicate Purple Blooms on a Tillandsia Neglecta Air Plant

When in bloom, this small plant produces a salmon colored inflorescence that blooms delicate light purple blooms. The T. neglecta readily produces offsets which will branch out from the mother plant and can form an amazing clump over time. The pups of the T. neglecta are considered “adventitious” which means that they are small-starting offsets that grow along a stem. 


Tillandsia neglecta air plant clump

To care for your T. neglecta plant, place it in an area where it receives bright indirect light. This variety can also grow in shaded areas as well. Water at least once a week and make sure it is in an area with good airflow so that it dries within an hour or so. 


Tillandsia neglecta air plant in bloom with delicate purple flowers

The T. neglecta looks great mounted to a piece of cork wood or driftwood where, over time, its roots will anchor the plant to the wood, grow offsets, and create a clump over time.    

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