Tillandsia Magnusiana Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Magnusiana Air Plant

by Jamie Beck


tillandsia magnusiana air plant

The T. magnusiana is a stemless, soft pincushion like species with silver trichome abundant leaves. Due to this abundance of trichomes, the magnusiana prefers good air movement and ample light. The magnusiana grows in the wild in Mexico, Honduras, and Salvador where they anchor themselves to oak trees and conifers.

Once in bloom, the center leaves will blush pink/lavender and the magnusiana will send out a thick simple spike that will produce vibrant violet blooms.

tillandsia magnusiana air plant in bloom

Because they have so many trichomes, they don’t need the weekly soaks that most air plants require. Instead, these fuzzy little guys like to be misted.  Depending on their environment, they could be misted as frequently as weekly for hot climate and less than once a month for a less hot climate. They prefer bright, filtered natural sunlight and need good airflow to thrive!

tillandsia magnusiana air plant

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