Tillandsia Capitata Peach Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: Capitata Air Plant

by Jamie Beck


tillandsia capitata air plant

Characterized by having velvety soft light green leaves that blush peach when in bloom, the T. capitata is an air plant that is coveted by collectors. In its native environment of Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Honduras and Mexico, you can find the T. capitata growing in evergreen and deciduous forests. It grows amongst the trees, but has also been found growing on cliff faces and canyons along riverbanks.

There are numerous variations and hybrids of the T. capitata, including but not limited to: T. capitata peach, T. capitata Rio Hondo, T. capitata x xerographica and T. capitata v. Domingensis. 

Tillandsia capitata air plant

The Tillandsia capitata v. Domingensis (AKA capitata Dominican Republic)


tillandsia capitata x xerographica air plant

Tillandsia capitata x xerographica  

The T. capitata is both epiphytic and saxicolous, meaning that it grows both in trees and amongst rocks. Relatively easy to grow, these plants can grow to be over 10 inches tall and 10 inches wide. Its light green leaves have ample trichomes which give it is soft velvety appearance. It grows in a rosette shape and will bloom a green/yellow inflorescence with blushing red leaves that extend out from it and will bloom multiple purple blooms from amongst the leaves.

tillandsia capitata air plant in bloom

The T. capitata prefers bright indirect light and waterings at least once a week. If it receives too much sun, you might notice that its leaves take on a yellow sort of appearance. It is a very hardy plant, and is great for beginners.

You can grow and display this plant in numerous ways including shells, amongst rocks, mounted to driftwood or cork, or even placed in a bowl with other air plants. The T. capitata is also one of our favorites to use in wedding bouquets as it has a fuller appearance, interesting texture, and a beautiful soft green/peach color.

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