Tillandsia Cacticola Air Plant

Tillandsia Spotlight: T. cacticola

by Jamie Beck
Native to northern Peru, the Tillandsia cacticola is a rare species that grows in elevations of 2000 meters above sea level. 


Tillandsia cacticola air plant


Found growing in the wild on rocks and cacti, (hence the name “cacticola”) the T. cacticola is a caulescent species, meaning that it grows upwards along a stem. It is characterized by light gray/sage green leaves that are soft to the touch due to the amount of trichomes that they have. It grows upwards along the stem in a rosette shape. 


Tillandsia cacticola in bloom

When in bloom, the T. cacticola produces a beautiful long lasting inflorescence with lavender blooms and white flowers.  


Tillandsia cacticola air plant in bloom

Due to its abundance of trichomes, the T. cacticola will prefer brighter light, and are more drought tolerant than most air plants. Once its leaves start to curl in on themselves, it is time to water! 


Tillandsia cacticola clump

Tillandsia cacticola clump 

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