Tillandsia Abdita Brachycaulos Air Plant in Blush and Bloom

Tillandsia Spotlight: Brachycaulos Air Plant

by Jamie Beck

Tillandsia brachycaulos abdita air plants

T. brachycaulos abdita in our greenhouse 

One of the most common Tillandsia plants, the T. brachycaulos is a stunning air plant that you will want to display in your collection. Native to Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela, it is a plant that readily hybridizes with other varieties. You might find hybrids such as the T. brachycaulos hybrid (brachycaulos x concolor), or the T. streptophylla hybrid (brachycaulos x streptophylla).


Tillandsia brachycaulos concolor hybrid air plant

T. brachycaulos hybrid ( brachycaulos x concolor)


Tillandsia streptophylla hybrid air plant

T. streptophylla hybrid ( brachycaulos x streptophylla.)

In the wild they grow in oak and pine forests but can also be found in desert shrub lands, cloud forests, on rocky slopes, cliffs and in fields at sea level to 2000 meters above. As you can see this plant is pretty adaptable to different climates and environments.

T. brachycaulos plants are usually vibrant green in color but will blush stunning shades of purple and then red when in ample light or before they bloom. Once they begin to bloom you will notice several bright purple blooms emerging from the center of the plant.

Tillandsia brachycaulos air plant

The T. brachycaulos prefers bright indirect light and waterings at least once a week. Due to their bright colors and blooms the T. brachycaulos makes a stunning addition to a bridal bouquet, a terrarium, or nestled amongst other air plants.

Tillandsia brachycaulos air plant in bloom

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