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Guide to Caring for Your Air Plant Christmas Tree

by Jill Little

Celebrate the holiday season with our enchanting Air Plant Christmas Tree, a vibrant display featuring 50 live air plants meticulously arranged on a wire base. Crafted by hand, this festive masterpiece is both delightful and easy to maintain. By following these care instructions, you'll ensure your tree stays healthy and cheerful throughout the festivities!


The air plants are securely attached to the wire base, making them unsuitable for removal during soaking. Instead, gently rinse the entire tree. We recommend placing the tree in your kitchen sink and thoroughly wetting the leaves under the faucet or by spraying them with a hose. Allow the tree to air dry, which typically takes about thirty minutes to an hour. Once dry, your tree is ready to be showcased! We advise rinsing the tree approximately once a week. If it feels dry between waterings, consider misting it every few days to keep the leaves hydrated.


Keep in mind that this tree is adorned with live Tillandsia, so place it where other plants, especially air plants, thrive in your home! Avoid drafty areas and keep it away from sources of heat such as furnaces, radiators, or fireplaces, which can dry out the plants. Provide bright natural light for several hours daily, if possible. If sunlight is limited, consistent full-spectrum LED or fluorescent lighting will suffice.

Upon Arrival

We pack these delicate trees with utmost care! In the rare event that some plants appear slightly flattened upon arrival, follow the above watering instructions, and they should revive within a day or so. The mesh wire frame is slightly flexible, allowing adjustments if it shifts during transit without harming the plants.

Our 30-Day Guarantee

Rest assured, we stand by the quality of our trees! If your tree arrives with a dead or significantly damaged air plant, gently remove it from the tree and contact our customer service at We offer a one-time replacement for unsalvageable plants within 30 days of delivery.

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