Holiday Gift Guide Ideas

Holiday Gift Guide: Unique Gifts for Everyone On Your List

by Jamie Beck

The best part about the holiday season (besides cookies of course!) is finding the perfect gifts to give to friends and family. Don’t you just love when you find something that is so uniquely perfect for that special person on your list? We also know that finding the right gift for everyone on your list can sometimes be an overwhelming task. And the mall this time of year? Yikes. But fear not! We have put together a lineup of some great gifts that can fit any personality or style.

Not surprisingly, this list is a little heavy on the air plants. Aside from the fact that air plants are relatively easy to care for, and don’t require soil, they are just plain cool - and unique enough that we can pretty much guarantee they won’t be relegated to the re-gifting pile. We’ve also thrown in a few of our other favorite gift ideas.

For: The beach lover Get:
The Seascape Terrarium Kit

For the person on your list who escapes to the beach every chance they get, bring the beach to them! Complete with unique and hearty air plants, moss, white sand, and shells, the Seascape Terrarium Kit includes everything they need to create a little coastal environment indoors.

Holiday Gift Boxed: Flat Bottom Terrarium with White Sand Kit, Tillandsia Ionantha and Bulbosa Guatemala


For: The wino Get:
Craft a Brew’s
Wine Making Kit

Yes, you could get her another bottle of her favorite cabernet, but you know that whole “give a man a fish” thing...what wine lover wouldn’t want to make their own wine?? Craft a Brew has been a big favorite of ours for a long time for their awesome craft beer brewing kits, but now they have wine kits?! Shut up and take our money. 






Craft A Brew Wine Making kit

For: The teacher Get:
The Apple Terrarium Kit

They put up with shape the brilliant minds of your kids all year; give them something special! This pretty air plant terrarium gives the apple gifting tradition a major upgrade.

Apple Air Plant Terrarium Kit


For: The Person Who Literally Has Everything Get: 
 LYFE Hovering Planter

They’ve already got the latest and greatest of everything, so what’s left on their list? We’re gonna go ahead and bet that they don’t have a hovering planter. The geniuses at FLYTE first brought us the hovering light bulb, and now - you can set your air plants free with the hovering LYFE planter. And we are proud to be their US supplier for air plants so you know you'll get the best quality plants too. This one is worth saving up for.

FLYTE hovering planter



For: Your DMB-Obsessed Aunt Who Makes Amazing Cookies Get: Firedancer Cookie Cutter

Admit it, you have Two Step in your head just looking at this, and she will be so excited to make you some delicious cookies. Win, win, win!

Firedancer DMB cookie cutter


For: The Hostess Get:
The Xerographica Air Plant-O-Gram

The xero-whatica? Don’t worry about it, this awesome plant is the rare and special “Queen of the Air Plants," needs no soil and only needs good light and a little water. Presented in a simple but perfect craft box with a red bow. You = best guest ever.

Xerographica air plant plant-o-gram


For: Your Friend Who’s Obsessed With Farmers Markets Get:
Produce Rosemary Candle

I’m super picky about scented candles, and this one is so fresh and amazing. Like a bouquet of fresh herbs has exploded in your kitchen, without the mess. And they’re hand-made by some super nice people!

Rosemary Produce Candle


For: The Stylish Workaholic Get:
Modern Geometric Air Plant Holders

They never leave their desk so you might as well help them spruce it up. Plus they will think of you every time they look at these little guys so you’ll always be there to brighten their busy day.

White Ceramic Geometric Pot with Assorted Tillandsia Air Plant


For: Your Hipster Little Brother Get:
Llama on a Bicycle T-Shirt

Why is there a llama on a bicycle? Who knows but this shirt by Dark Cycle Clothing is awesome and he’ll wear it out to his favorite brewery and be able to tell people who ask about it that it was designed by this cool couple in Tampa, FL. (We’ve met them at markets, they rock. Shop small!)

Dark Cycle Clothing Llama on Bicycle T Shirt


For: Your Friend Who’s Obsessed with Air Plants Get:
A book all about air plants!

Did you know we wrote a whole book on these amazing plants? From their history and native environments, to in-depth care information, to decorating ideas, Air Plant Care and Design is a great resource - and has some really pretty photos, if we do say so ourselves.