Tillandsia Air Plant Holiday Gift Ideas

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

by Jamie Beck

It's the holidays. Our favorite time to give the gift of air plants! Are you looking for a unique gift or idea to give to your friends and family? Look no further, we have an array of gift ideas that will suit anyone on your list. 


Air plant holiday decor




We love to give terrariums as gifts not only because they are unique and beautiful, but they are also fun to assemble and display. Choose for our DIY kits, or have them wrapped up in a gift box with a note.  

Holiday teardrop air plant terrarium

Holiday Teardrop Terrarium 

Mini Tillandsia air plant holiday terrariums

Mini Terrarium with Tectorum Air Plant    Mini Air Plant Terrarium Ornament   Mini Terrarium with White Sand/Red Ribbon

Tillandsia air plant holiday terrarium gifts

Rustic Air Plant Terrarium Kit  &  Vibrant Air Plant Terrarium Kit  

Gift Boxed Air Plant O Grams 

If you want to give a gift of air plants and want to send it directly to the recipient, or don't want to have to wrap them yourself, get an Air Plant O Gram! Your air plant gift will come carefully wrapped in a kraft gift box tied with red ribbon, and a gift note. 

Tillandsia air plant o gram  

10 Air Plant Mix + Fertilizer Air Plant O Gram   Xerographica Air Plant O Gram

Tillandsia air plant sea urchin plant o gram

Holiday Sea Urchin Air Plant O Gram 


Monthly Air Plant Club 

Give the gift of air plants with our Monthly Air Plant Club. Your friends or family will receive a monthly shipment of unique premium air plants straight to their doorstep! 

Monthly air plant club


Monthly Air Plant Club 


Gift Card

Under a time crunch or don't know what to get for that special someone? Don't worry! Give the gift of an Air Plant Design Studio Gift Card! These are sent electronically through email, or you can print out the card information and put it in a gift box or envelope!  


Air Plant Design Studio Gift Card

Air Plant Design Studio Gift Card


We hope that this guide helped you to find the perfect gift! If you have any questions about shipment dates and holiday cutoff dates, don't hesitate to reach out at info@airplantdesignstudio.com


Happy Holidays from Air Plant Design Studio