Beachy Terrarium Kit with White Sand, Sea Shells and Moss

Making a DIY Air Plant Terrarium with Kids

by Jamie Beck

While you might have a love of air plants, have you ever thought about introducing your children to the weird and wild world of air plants too? (Especially right now, when we are in "stay at home" mode)

Taking care of air plants is a great way to introduce your children to the natural world and can help them develop skills to nurture and care for other living things.The great thing about air plants is that they don’t require soil - something that parents will love - no soil to be tipped over on the rug or tracked through the house, a win-win.

One of our favorite ways to introduce air plants to children is with terrariums. They can choose their favorite sand, shells, rocks, and plants to create a natural world of their own. Most air plant terrariums are glass, so be sure to warn your children about breakage, or find an alternative such as these acrylic terrarium globes.

Sea scape terrarium contents

Check out this fun DIY air plant terrarium craft that you can do from home with your little ones. 



  • Pick a terrarium such as a globe, pear, apple, or any other shape. Have fun picking out the terrarium with your kids.
  • Collect sand, moss, seashells, bark, and any other natural pieces that you would like to add to the terrarium. Let your kids choose what they want to add to their terrarium. Have fun with this! Get funky colors of sand or moss, rocks, and shells. 
  • Pick some easy to care for air plant varieties such as the T. ionantha, T. aeranthos, or T. stricta. (These easy to care for varieties are a little more forgiving if you forget to water for a few days) Or get a combo pack that includes some interesting shapes and sizes like our Grab Bag or Starter Kit.
  • Time to assemble! Lay out all of your supplies on your kitchen table or other surface and let your children pick and choose what they want to include in their terrariums. 
  • Display the terrarium in a high traffic area of your house where you will remember to water the plants at least once a week. (Take plants out of terrarium to water, and allow to dry before putting them back inside) This is a good opportunity to include your children in the care of the air plants too.

Don't want to have to search for terrarium components? Check out some of ready to make DIY terrarium kits. 

Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Hanging air plant terrarium


 Sea Scape Terrarium 

Sea scape air plant terrarium


 Pear Terrarium  

Pear Air Plant Terrarium


    Apple Air Plant Terrarium Kit

    Apple air plant terrarium  

    Children live in a world that is wide and full of possibility. Teaching your children about air plants (or plants of any kind) can foster a sense of care and understanding about living things from an early age that can benefit them throughout their lives. We hope you have fun with this air plant craft idea. 

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