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Air Plant Ideas For Retail Shops

by Jamie Beck

Did you know that we sell wholesale air plants, terrariums, and air plant displays? Our wholesale customers range from online retailers and clothing boutiques to florists, garden shops, and more!

Due to their easy care, air plants make the perfect addition to a gift boutique, flower shop, or home decor store. As an added bonus, air plants don’t require soil, so no messes to clean up! They are also easy to care for and will just need to be watered at least once a week and get adequate filtered light.

We have numerous varieties of air plants and terrariums available for wholesale purchase. We have branded ready to gift retail packaging, as well as air plant kits that include plants and beautiful display pieces such as rustic cholla wood, sea urchin shells, and geometric holders.

We also carry a wide selection of curated air plant kits. We hand pick a variety of air plants so you receive a mixture of some of our most popular varieties, including the ionantha, xerographica, aeranthos, stricta, and many more.

Buy more and save! Automatic discounts are applied to your cart when you buy wholesale items and meet certain thresholds. Mix and match any wholesale items, allowing that you meet the individual products' minimum quantity, to achieve savings of up to 15% off.

Benefits of Wholesale Plants for Retail Shops

Impulse Buy: Leave a basket of small air plants by the register and create a unique impulse buy that buyers can’t resist!

Retail-Ready Boxed Items: Beautiful branded packaging that has everything needed to display Tillandsia or create a DIY air plant terrarium. 

Introduce Unique Air Plant Displays Into Your Shop: We offer something for every type of plant lover from rustic wood displays, beachy seashells and urchins, and elegant ceramic planters.

Create An Easy Add-On Purchase With Our Air Plant Fertilizer! Displayed near the register, these are the perfect add-on buy. Keep your air plants healthy and happy with our specially formulated air plant fertilizer!

tillandsia air plant fertilizer
People are intrigued by air plants. It’s a fact, people love air plants. They can’t resist their weird alien looking leaves and bright beautiful blooms. What better way to attract customers than to have quirky green air plants amongst your beautiful housewares, candles, and clothing?  

    Take a look at how a few wholesale customers displayed their wholesale air plants! 

    tillandsia air plant display

    Strawberry Fields RVA 

    tillandsia air plant display

    Hex The Store

    tillandsia air plant display

    Little Leaf Shop 

    tillandsia air plant display

    Produce Candles 

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