Fall Decor with Tillandsia Air Plants

Fall Decorating With Air Plants

by Jamie Beck
Fall is here. Crisp air, pumpkins and changing leaves. Well everywhere except here in Florida, it’s still hot but we can celebrate in spirit with all of you in the Northern states. One of our favorite ways to usher in a new season is to decorate with...... you guessed it, air plants. From wreaths to table scapes, we have some pretty amazing ideas to add a touch of fall to your space with air plants.


Fall Air Plant Wreath:


Holiday Tillandsia air plant wreath


We added air plants, eucalyptus leaves and berries to this wreath. Perfect for decorating for Thanksgiving and can even be used to decorate for the Christmas season.

A Fall Inspired Table Scape:


Fall inspired Tillandsia air plants and pumpkins


We love the look of these gourds and pumpkins with air plants mixed in. You can create quite the statement on a coffee table, dining table, or mantle, with just a few real (or faux) pumpkins, gourds and air plants.


Fall inspired Tillandsia air plant decor


It's easy to add little accents of Fall decor in your house without going overboard. We like to add a couple of air plants to a bowl, or on a shelf with some pumpkins to make a muted Fall statement. 


Tillandsia air plant fall decor


Embrace the coziness of the season and light candles. Use muted autumnal colors like oranges, reds, and browns in your decor and of course throw a couple air plants in there for good measure.



Tillandsia tectorum air plant

These natural floral pods are the perfect perch for this fuzzy T. tectorum air plant 


Candles and Tillandsia air plants

Candles and air plants are the perfect cozy combination! 

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