Mini Flat Bottom Glass Globe Terrarium with Sand and Tillandsia Ionantha Air Plant

Best Air Plants For Terrarium Design

by Jamie Beck
Tillandsia air plant mini terrarium
Terrariums are one of our favorite ways to display our air plants. Not only are they fun to assemble, but they make a unique statement piece for your home decor. Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes which allows you to choose what will best fit your design aesthetic. Today, we are going to talk about the best small sized air plants that lend well to use in terrarium design, and some ideas to incorporate them into your decor!


Tillandsia air plant terrarium contents

Ionantha: One of the most popular air plants, the T. ionantha is small in size, easy to care for, and perfect for beginners. These look great on their own in a small terrarium, as a group in a larger terrarium, or even mixed in with other varieties of air plants. Get a DIY  Classic Terrarium Kit with everything that you need to create your own air plant terrarium with T. ionantha plants! 


Tillandsia ionantha air plant terrariums

Fuchsii v gracilis: This small spiky T. fuchsii v gracilis  air plant is perfect for terrariums where you can showcase its tentacle like leaves on a bed of sand.
Tillandsia fuchsii v gracilis air plant terrariums

Funckiana: The T. funckiana  air plant resembles a pine branch and looks amazing in glass terrariums nestled in amongst natural bark and other air plants. Purchase a fun DIY air plant terrarium kit, like this one, The Rustic Air Plant Terrarium, that comes with a T. funckiana, T. brachycaulos abdita, and a T. ionantha along with natural bark and moss. 


Tillandsia funckiana air plant terrarium


Bulbosa guatemala: The little T. bulbosa guatemala air plants look like sea creatures which makes them a good choice for any beach or seaside inspired terrarium. Our Sea Scape Terrarium showcases a T. bulbosa guatemala and a T. ionantha alongside white sparkling sand, sea shells, and a tiny starfish! 


Tillandsia bulbosa terrarium

Tectorum: Similar in shape to the T. ionantha, but with a silvery color and abundance of trichomes, the T. tectorum air plants look like little snowballs inside a mini terrarium. 


Tillandsia tectorum air plant terrarium

 Mini Tectorum Terrarium Kit 


Aeranthos: The spiky bush-like T. aeranthos air plants bloom a bright pink bloom and are the perfect size for a small terrarium. 

Tillandsia aeranthos air plant terrarium


Caput Medusae: The funky T. caput medusae air plant adds a fun touch to any terrarium and look great amongst other air plants, moss, seashells, and sand. Tillandsia caput medusae terrarium

Apple Terrarium Kit  

Tenuifolia & Butzii:  The T. tenuifolia and T. butzii air plants are perfect nestled together and add visual interest due to their difference in size, texture, and shape. 

Tillandsia air plant terrarium kit

Air Plant Terrarium Kit  


Learn about Selecting The Right Base For Your Terrarium, and How to Choose The Right Terrarium in our other blog posts. Do you decorate with air plant terrariums in your house or office? We'd love to see! Share with us on Instagram with hashtag #airplantdesignstudio or #putanairplantonit 


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