Glass Table Top Air Plant Terrarium

From coffee table, to office, to dining room, this simple yet striking air plant terrarium will add natural beauty to your space. Showcase your beautiful Tillandsia in a tabletop glass terrarium, large enough to make an impression but small enough to fit comfortably on just about any table or desk without taking up too much space.

This assemble-yourself air plant terrarium kit features the colorful brachycaulos abdita, hearty ionantha, and funky bulbosa air plants, with white rock as their base. 

Makes a beautiful and easy centerpiece for an event, or a pretty accent to compliment your every day style. 

Kit Includes:

1- Glass terrarium (measures approx. 6 inches wide and about 5 inches tall)

1- Tillandsia brachycaulos abdita (air plant)

1- Tillandsia ionantha

1- Tillandsia bulbosa

1- White rock