Tilly of The Month Club


Are you air plant obsessed? Know someone who is? Join our Tilly of the Month Club and you can look forward to a monthly delivery of hand-picked air plants. We will choose a premium selection of air plants that are larger and in bloom when available, and often will include special limited-supply air plants which we don't have available on our website.  Each month you will get 3 different air plants! This makes a great gift for both air plant enthusiasts or those new to air plants who are building their Tillandsia collection. Or it's a great way to treat yourself with a nice "air plant surprise" every month.

3-Month Tilly of the Month Package includes 3 premium air plants per month for 3 months (total 9 plants) for $60.00

**If you live in an area that will be experiencing freezing temperatures during your tilly of the month membership, please choose the winter shipping version of the tilly club!  This will help prevent damage to the plants due to cold conditions and if damage occurs we will replace your plants under our 30 day guarantee.  Winter shipping includes a heat pack each month, as well as extra insulation for the plants.

All prices include shipping!

Shipping: Orders placed before the 15th of the month will ship the month that they are placed. If you place your order after the 15th, we will ship your first month's package the following month.


*Please note that discount codes cannot be used on Tilly of the Month Club memberships.

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