Straminea Thick Leaf Air Plant

The Tillandsia straminea is a unique and incredibly striking large air plant. Impressive in size, these statement-making air plants stands about 12 inches high and 12 inches wide. A thick leaf variety of the straminea air plant, these air plants have leaves that are much thicker and wider than those of the regular straminea.  

The straminea air plant is particularly striking not just for its size but also for its velvety-silver leaves. This is a xeric air plant, meaning that it thrives in drier conditions and will like less frequent waterings than mesic varieties. This variety of air plant prefers just to be misted with water - no soaks for these dry-loving beauties!

This is also an incredibly unique air plant as it is one of the few air plants that produces a fragrant flower when in bloom. This fast-growing Tillandsia will bloom a beautiful inflorescence with fragrant white and purple flowers.

Add the impressive straminea thick leaf air plant to your collection today!