Seleriana Air Plant

Tillandsia Selariana air plant

Seleriana Air Plant

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The stunning Tillandsia seleriana air plant is quite the show stopper. This premium large air plant grows to over 8-10 inches tall, and is the perfect statement piece for any room. This air plant has a fuzzy appearance due to its abundance of trichomes. When it blooms, the Tillandsia seleriana produces beautiful purple leaves and has a large bloom spike. 

Care: The Tillandsia seleriana prefers misting and dunking as watering methods as opposed to soaking due to its bulbous base. When watering, take care to shake out any excess water from its leaves as water left amongst its leaves can cause your plant to rot! 

Add the T. seleriana to your air plant collection today!

Customer Reviews

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Paul Anderson

One of the moments we live for as Tily fans is the day we see our plants produce pups and I have had two pups from the parent Seleriana. It has saved the day for me. Just as two Tily's died I have discovered a 2nd Seleriana pup to go with the 1st. The pic on the right is pup number 1 and the left is pup number 2. Two have died but I have gotten back two.

Debby H
Selerianas - From Outer Space?

I have bought probably too many of these spookily beautiful plants. One is in an ashtray sculpture, taking the center, and when the light hits from south windows, it glows. These are super healthy plants. Each one is soooo different from the other. They are perfect for sculptures that might go over the edge into ... ADVENTURES! Anyway, these are not so easy to get, so I was very happy to find superb quality plants from Meriel, the Chief Plant Lady. Thanks, Meriel!

Hi Debby!
Thank you SO much for the kind words! We try really hard to offer the best plants and great customer service, and we are glad that you find some new plants that you love each time you come back. Thanks again and we hope you are enjoying your air plants :)

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