Large Hanging Air Plant Terrarium Kit

This large hanging terrarium is the perfect place to display the colorful Ionantha air plants!  This hanging air plant terrarium kit comes with a glass globe and a combination of 3 different Ionantha air plants.  The type of plants you receive will depend on what we have in stock that is fresh and healthy! The kit includes a glass hanging terrarium, air plants, sand, and hemp string.  These awesome displays look great on back porches or hanging in a window.

Check out our air plant care page for info on how to care for your plants that live in a terrarium!

Kit Includes:

1-Glass hanging terrarium(measures approx. 5.5 inches high, 5.5 inches wide)

3-Ionantha Air Plants

1-White Sand

1-Hemp String


Add some style to your patio or home, and buy a Hanging air plant terrarium today!