DIY Tillandsia Wreath Kit

Get crafty and make a statement for the holidays, or any time of year, with our DIY Tillandsia Wreath Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to easily make your own air plant wreath. Beautiful as a Christmas gift or hostess gift that they'll be sure to want to display even after the holiday season.

This air plant wreath is super easy to assemble: just affix each Tillandsia with the provided plant-safe glue to the natural vine wreath, let it dry, and display! It's also small enough to accent a table scape.


DIY Tillandsia Wreath Kit Includes:

1-10 inch Natural Vine Wreath

1-Air Plant Medium Kit

1-Tube Plant-Safe Super Glue


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Note: Please remember that Air Plants are unique living plants that may vary slightly from the pictures on this website. We do our best to choose the healthiest and best available Air Plant for your order. It is perfectly normal for the plants to have minor leaf imperfections and vary slightly in size from what is pictured. While some photos show the plants in bloom, we normally try to ship the plants prior to blooming so that the whole bloom cycle can be enjoyed by our customers.