Cholla Wood Display - Pseudobaileyi Air Plant

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi air plant with Cholla Wood from Air Plant Design Studio

Cholla Wood Display - Pseudobaileyi Air Plant

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Funky meets rustic when you pair the other-worldly Tillandsia pseudobaileyi air plant with natural cholla wood. The natural beauty of cholla wood provides the perfect display for the tentacle-like leaves of the pseudobaileyi air plant to peek out of, and this pairing is sure to start conversations. The natural cholla wood ranges in size from 2-3 inches tall and  2-3 inches wide.  


-1 piece of natural cholla wood

-1 Tillandsia pseudobaileyi (air plant)

Beautiful displayed on its own or with other air plants or house plants. Makes a wonderful and unique gift!

Check out our article Tillandsia Spotlight: Psuedobaileyi Air Plant to learn more about this fascinating air plant species! 

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