At Air Plant Design Studio we treat customer service as one of the most important aspects of our business.  Keeping our customers happy while delivering a superior product in a timely fashion is our main goal!  We offer fast shipping on all our orders, and FREE shipping for all orders that are $50 and over.  We are committed to providing our customers high quality plants, and we offer a 30 day air plant guarantee on all our plants sold and will replace them at no cost if they die within that timeframe.  We love hearing back from our customers, so feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email! 

Below you will find testimonials from just a few of our thousands of happy customers!

I just have to tell you how incredibly happy I am with my order. I came home to a huge box and couldn't open it fast enough. When I finally got the first plant unwrapped I gasped out loud and danced around the living room. They. Are. Amazing. Even more amazing than I imagined they would be! Your customer service was great, shipping was fast, and these plants... Oh my goodness. So so happy! A link to your website will be on my Christmas list this year.

Thank you!!!


So excited to set these little guys up!

My Air Plant my mom and dad gave me. Too cute!

It's the simple things ♥ 

Thanks they arrived great!

My plants arrived and they look fantastic!! Thank-you - 100% happy.

I got my air plants he other week and one that I brought in to my office is already starting to bloom! Thanks so much! I have never had one flower before. I will definitely remember to order from you again when I want more air plants!

Earlier today I received my order of beautiful air plants. I'm in love! Thank you!

Air plants are so much fun....colorful, delicate, unusual tendrils, contemporary, easy to care and just plain beautiful. I am so glad to have found your website; air plants are not readily available at florists and nurseries.

I am so inspired to want to learn more about air plants. I am so thrilled with the healthy, cool, and diverse variety of air plants that I received from Air Plants Design Studio.

Made my first purchase from you guys about 2 weeks ago. Received my air plants last week (nicely packaged and excellent quality plants!). Love them so much I just made another order today! Just wanted to say thanks!!

I got the Pear and Apple in today! Super Excited! I think it will be a great Christmas present.

Can I just say I am excited I found this page. After many years in a townhouse, I will be moving into a new house on Monday. I am so excited. I was just searching Google about house plants that are hardy and found something on air plants which lead me here. I have a couple of rooms I think an air plant or two could call home. As soon as I can I will be buying a few air plants. I am so excited about the house and my first ever air plants. Off to explore your website! 

Thank you so much for the hedgehog & air plants! It's adorable!

Love my air plant. Looks great in the new office!

My 10-piece large pack arrived yesterday, and I was very, very impressed with the size of the plants, as well as the fast shipment! The per-piece cost was $3 each, and easily 3 of them would have been $15 each at the store around here. Thanks so much!

My super awesome t-Rex got here today. Thank you!

Look at my bloom! Just received these beauties a few weeks ago...so pretty!

We love our new airplants ♥

Finally put together my air plant home!


We just got our order (which was shipped super fast) and they are so cool! We don't have them set up yet but we are very happy with our purchase and will be back for more!! They would be perfect for Christmas gifts!


Wow! These look great! I had never though about using air plants before, but now I can't wait to start experimenting with different decorating ideas!