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Great delivery


My air plants were just awesome. And today as I watered and placed them back in arrangements, I find one has a flower bud! My first air plant purchases were at a farmer's market where I paid $5- $6 each for plants the same size I received I received in the "grab bag." I have just placed another order. I think this is an obsession!

Hi Penelope! Thank you for the great review and thank you for being a repeat customer! We appreciate your business very much!
Love them!

I really love my new air plants. They came with instructions to care for them. Most of all, they are beautiful and arrived on time.

Hi Sheri! Thank you for the review. We are so glad that you love your plants!
Love my airplants

Perfect start to my bathroom garden.

Love my air plants

I plan on a air plants garden in my bathroom. These were the perfect start.

Love my gold pod medusa

I absolutely love these plants very healthy and beautiful. I have ordered from this company three times now and they do not disappoint.

Hi Tammi, Thank you for the great review. We appreciate it!
air plant party

I presented my guests with an air plant and their choice of container at a recent gathering at my house. Everyone was very excited about their new plants!

Hi Bree! Thank you for your review, we are glad that your guests loved them!
Another excellent selection of plants with buds

Got another Houston, with that large pink bud just waiting to open. You have quickly become my favorite spot for air plants. I just love watching them open and see what colors and forms the blossoms take.

Hi Deb! Thank you so much for your review and being a repeat customer. We truly appreciate it!
Pretty Plant

Plant arrived promptly and in excellent condition. After a few hours of rest, I misted the plant and applied a small spritz of fertilizer. It then joined my other air plants in a terrarium with fine, white sand and an assortment of seaside finds, where it receives direct morning light and a dim, but warming light on cold nights. I am new to air plants and was surprised and thrilled when not one, but two purple bloom stems appeared just a few days later! They have already lasted several days. The picture doesn't do it justice. It really is a very attractive plant. I love it's shape.

What a lovely set up! We are so glad that you are happy with your plants. We appreciate your business :)
The best!

It was so much fun to get this in the mail! All of my plants were different and arrive during healthy and beautiful!

Hi Liz! Thank you so much for your review, we hope you enjoy having these plants in your home!
Fantastic color & texture! A great plant for this tray sculpture.

I got 2 Capitata Reds and they are both great plants. In this display, the hole this red filled was left open and I didn't notice it until I put the tray down... and then I thought CAPITATA RED! It provided a nice different color, and shape for this tray that is still needing a title!

Hi Debby, Thank you for the review and we are so glad that you love your plants. We always appreciate your emails, thanks so much for being a repeat customer!
Sputnik Sea Urchin Duo Kit

Love them. Quick delivery.

Hi Susan! Thanks so much for the review, we hope you love your plants!

This little plant is tall and skinny! I like it!

We are so glad that you like your diaguitensis! Thanks again for being a customer!

I love this unique plant. Very beautiful!

Thank you for your review Dawn :)

I LOVE all my plants that I have received from Air Plant Design Studio! I have a dozen and want more!

Hi Dawn, Thank you so much for the review and what an awesome way to display your air plants! We are so glad that you love your plants :)
Love air plants

Love your air plants so much. Here is a picture of my air plant babies

What a neat display, Deandre! Thank you so much for being a customer!

Beautiful air plant, will be flowering soon, very happy!!

Hi Deandre, We are so glad that you are happy with your cholla wood with the aeranthos plant. Hope it brightens up your space!

Very healthy and longer than I expected. A very welcome addition!

Thank you for the review, Michelle! Hope you love your plants!

I waited a long time to get this tillandsia, and it was well worth the wait! It's incredible, so unique and beautiful!

Hi Michelle, Thank you for being a repeat customer, we really appreciate it and hope that you are enjoying have the T. novakii in your home :)
The amazing air plant food

An amazing supplement, I swear my plants smiled as I missed them.

Hi Danielle! We are so glad that your plants like the fertilizer! Thank you so much for your order :)

My Novakii is so beautiful. Big and full of color. So healthy. I have wanted 1 of these for awhile and I am very glad to have waited and ordered from this company. fast shipping and plants arrived unharmed and healthy.

Hi Jenn, We are so happy that you love your novakii! Thank you for being a customer :)

Very healthy and in great condition.Plants are always packed with care and safely. Fast shipping. Great customer service, helpful and quick to respond to questions.

Hi Jenn, Thank you so much for your review! We really appreciate your business and your kind words :) We hope you love your plants!
Super surprised!

I’ve not ordered plants on line in the past but am thrilled with this guy. It’s even blooming and very healthy. I’ll certainly be a return buyer. Thank you!

Hi Bonnie, Thank you so much for the great review! We appreciate your business!

I love this air plant. So surprised that it’s in bloom. I definitely will be a repeat buyer. Thanks for the great plants.

Hi Bonnie! Thank you so much for the review and we are so happy that you love your plants!
Air Plants

My orders continue to arrive in a very timely manner with the plants themselves in great shape.

Hi Dennis, Thanks so much for the review, and thank you for being a repeat customer, we appreciate it!