Funckiana Air Plant

Funckiana Air Plant
Tillandsia funckiana air plant

Funckiana Air Plant

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Check this funky guy out!  The funckiana Tillandsia is such a unique variety, and surely something you don't see everyday. Similar in shape to a pine branch, the funckiana grows twisting and turning its way through life. This green plant eventually turns bright red as it starts its bloom cycle, and will soon after emit a wild and bright red looking bloom with yellow flowers!  These are some our favorite air plants to decorate with, and go well with other air plants big or small.

Check out our Tillandsia Spotlight: Funckiana Air Plant for more in-depth information into the care and native habitat about the T. funckiana. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bob W.
Love the pine needle look

Came packages well and very healthy. Very easy to care for. A little light misting with rain water from time to time. It is doing great.

Highly recommend buying air plants from this company.

Thank you for the review, Bob! We appreciate it!

Charna Green Evans

Super healthy specimens. Live this little plant. Two plants bloomed shortly after arrival.

Hi there,

We are so glad that you are happy with your funckiana plants! They are one of our favorites :)


This is my first air plant, ever. I was recommended this type from a friend, did some researching, and settled for this company to get it from. I fell in love with this one because of it reminding me of pine needles. Anyways, i received the plant very quickly and not damaged. Mine did arrive in bloom, so it was an extra surprise for me. With it being my first, I really appreciated the postcard that came with it with instructions on what to do when it arrived. I’ve had mine for about a month & it’s still thriving. Throughout the month, I’ve been, slowly, adjusting soak lengths and how often to fit the living conditions I have for it - I think I have it pretty much perfect or close to it now. Thank you so much for making this process easier for me with that postcard along with the individual page for this specific air plant, they’ve been super helpful.

Hi Shania!

Welcome to the world of air plants! We are so glad that you love your plant and chose us to get your first plant from! We appreciate your business! If you ever have any questions shoot us and email, we are always happy to help :)

Stephanie Gharrity

All my plants came in the utmost health, this one was so pristine, and well produced it had an ethreal glow to it, the ends slightly starting to blush. I'm so impressed with this company, by far the best and I will never shop anywhere else.

Hi Stephanie!

We are so glad that you like the funckiana plant, it is one of our favorites!


The plant arrived in perfect condition and a couple of weeks later, to my surprise, it started to bloom! Made my day!! Thank you!!

Hi TIna!

We are so glad that you are happy with your funckiana plant. Thank you so much for being a repeat customer. We truly appreciate it!

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