Bulbosa Guatemalan Air Plants 3 Pack

Bulbosa Guatemalan Air Plants 3 Pack
Tillandsia Bulbosa Guatemala air plants 3 pack

Bulbosa Guatemalan Air Plants 3 Pack

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The popular Tillandsia bulbosa guatemala is a favorite for accenting beach-themed air plant displays for its tentacle-like leaves. This mesic air plant has a smooth, dark green appearance and will want bright indirect light and regular waterings. The unique bulbosa guatemala air plants show even more character as they grow, producing a bright red bloom and unusual pup clusters. 

Make sure when watering the bulbosa guatemala, to shake out any excess water from its base, as water left amongst its leaves can cause it to rot! 

Learn all about bulbosa air plants in our article Tillandsia Spotlight: Bulbosa Air Plants 

Our 3 pack of Tillandsia bulbosa guatemala air plants let you buy more of this popular air plant and save!




Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Eventhough the shipment was delayed really like them .keep looking at them every day

Hi Laurence,

Thanks so much for the great review!

My favorite air plant!

This is my very favorite air plant. They are small, but I put all 5 into an antique cactus vase with 5 short arms. They look terrific!
I especially like the smooth, dark green color and how the slender "leaves" go out snaky in all directions. Wonderful!

Hi Maryellen,

Thanks so much for the review. We are so happy that you love your plants :)

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